Petition to switch the fans within the Canton Stand and the Grange Stand at The Cardiff City Stadium.

Petition to switch the fans within the Canton Stand and the Grange stand at The Cardiff City Stadium

Whether you are a Cardiff City fan or a fan of another team that has come to The Cardiff City Stadium, you may have have realised the fact that the environment and passion within the stadium has been poor for the past few seasons. Myself and a few other fans that I have spoken to believe that this is due to the positioning of the fans within 2 stands. These are the fans within the Grange Stand (Family Stand) and the Canton Stand.
We believe that because the fans within the Canton Stand are located at the opposite end of the pitch to the away supporters, our strong banter link is almost missing. Everyone knows that the majority of our chants are started with the current fans within the Canton Stand but when those fans were located right next to the away fans at our old ground Ninian Park within the 'Grange End', the passion and the electric environment was for all to see.
The location of the away fans is perfectly fine but all we want is for the club to listen to us. If we can get 3,000 names on the signature list, we will have enough people to make a difference and the club will have to atleast listen to us. It's a well known rule within a business that the customer is always right meaning that if enough of us want something, we can surely make some sort of difference.
The club has said that they won't change the stands around because they want to keep a "family environment" but I firmly believe that because the away supporters are right next to the children and families, those families would be able to hear all the swearing and abuse of those away fans. So, if we switched the fans of the Canton Stand with the fans within the Grange Stand, we could finally have our electric environment back and have a safer position for those families and children.
Lets stand up together and make a positive difference to The Cardiff City Stadium. We can do it but only if we get 3,000+ names.

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    steven edwards, United Kingdom

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    Your personal comments: Give us our grange end back please!!!!!!!!!!
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