Petition for removal of SUVADA as Head GM of Sunset High Rates and reinstate MustangGT as a GM.

After dealing with months of neglect, constant misuse of power and now the recent events of removing a GM (Mustang) for no reason, we the people need to do something about this. We the users that have signed this petition wish to have GM powers revoked from Suvada/Darkness and any other names related to such user. We the users believe that the said HGM (Suvada) is doing nothing for the server. We believe that he is just here to "Collect GM Pay". This HGM uses fear, slander, and backstabbing as his tactics for running the server AND his GM team! We are asking that you please review all evidence (Which will be emailed to Allious after completion of this petition) and take the proper actions to keep Eternion fun, fair for users, safe and clean of hackers, and finally clear of abusive HGMs like Suvada. We also request that MustangGT be reinstated as GM, he did not in anyway do anything that warranted removal. He is a very helpful GM and by removing him you are loosing a GREAT asset to the server and it's users! This petition will be sent to Allious, Karen and Larry upon completion. Please note that you cannot be banned for signing this as this is NOT GM disrespect. You have the right to speak up, this is in no way against ANY rules set fourth on Eternion.


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    Valianthunt, United States

    5 years ago Comments: i agree with this in every single way suvada is a complete ass and has never done anything good, hes ruined alot of my experience in that server as well as many others
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    Isamu, United States

    5 years ago Comments: *Sigh* Suvada was like this from the start, no way did he deserve HGM with his arrogance, and cocky ways. He would try to show the players of Eternion he could do his job, only when it goes downhill. I've seen plenty of mistakes through suvada, and that's not what a HGM needs to contain. =] Mustang, my real bro, you need your GM back, I've lost mine in a situation like yours ( On another server ) and it was for no reason whatsoever. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bottom line, SUVADA, needs the GM removal.
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    Dave, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I'm from Artifact realm and I saw the threads. Well done.
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