Supreme Court Nomination

1. We call upon President Bush to exercise his moral integrity and legal authority of his Office in fulfilling his campaign promise to nominate a strict Constitutionalist to the United States Supreme Court. 2. We encourage the President to fight vigorously to fill vacancies with Consititutional Originalists, to take the case directly to the people, and to demand that his nominee receive an up-or-down vote in the U.S. Senate, should the Democratis party renege on their promise not to filibuster Judicial candidates. 3. This petition shall be delivered to the White House on July 15th, 2005.


Conservative Principles & Activism recognizes and appreciates the radical concepts that were enshrined in our Founding documents. We acknowledge and affirm that our nation and its greatness is firmly based upon our Judeao-Christian ethics and affirm life and liberty. It is time to repel the socialists and Third Way proponents who undermine America. We must reclaim our schools, our media, our judiciary and re-affirm our hertitage of rugged individualism, personal freedoms and responsibilities, as one nation under God. \"Against all enemies, foreign and domestic\" Informed discussion within the bounds of Conservative thoughts presented by current authors. Rhetorical and literary analysis of arguments is also welcome.


\"Patriotic Americans must engage all counter-revolutionary Socialists, Marxist, and Third Way agitators and the black robed usurpers that enable them by legislating from the bench\". We believe in FREE ENTERPRISE (ie: capitalism), PERSONAL FREEDOM, the Protection of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, PERSONAL EQUALITY, and the right of our nation to AGGRESSIVELY ENGAGE and defeat any possible foreign threats to the lives, liberty, and peaceful stability of every person within the borders of this nation, and the right-to-life.


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    Belinda Wagers, United States

    10 years ago State: OH
    Country: US
    Comments: yes we want supreme court justices that will uphold moral and bible standards! We need to be challanged to reach for the high call of God on our lives...
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    carl spitzer, United States

    10 years ago State: CA
    Country: US
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    Haold Robbins, United States

    10 years ago State: TX
    Country: US
    Comments: Don't give us Gonzales. He doesn't believe in the Constitution. He calls it a "living document" which means he will NOT be a strict constructionist you promised us. Harold
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