Support Al Oliver's Candidacy for the National Baseball Hall of Fame

The purpose of this petition is to show support for Pittsburgh Pirate great Al Oliver's candidacy for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In order for Al Oliver to be on the hall of fame ballot, he must first be selected by the Historical Overview Committee. This committee will review "campaign" packages on file at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. This petition will be submitted in late September 2013 to the National Baseball Hall of Fame as part of a "campaign" package for Al Oliver. Please sign and help support Al Oliver's candidacy for the National Baseball Hall of Fame!

Key Statistics:

Most Hits 1968-1985 Most Double 1968-1985
1.) Pete Rose 3305 1.) Pete Rose 595
2.) Rod Carew 2903 2.) Al Oliver 529
3.) Al Oliver 2743 3.) Hal McRae 467
4.) Steve Garvey 2441 4.) Ted Simmons 464
5. ) Reggie Jackson 2388 5.) Tony Perez 440

Highest Batting Avg. 1968-1985
at least 7,000 AB's Most RBI's 1968-1985
1.) Rod Carew .3298 1.) Reggie Jackson 1595
2.) Pete Rose .3069 2.) Tony Perez 1434
3.) Al Oliver .3031 3.) Johnny Bench 1370
4.) Steve Garvey .2976 4.) Al Oliver 1326
5.) Bill Buckner .2945 5.) Ted Simmons 1323
6.) Mike Schmidt 1273

Highest Lifetime Average 1950-1991 9,000 or more AB's
1.) Rod Carew .3278
2.) Roberto Clemente .3173
3.) George Brett .3084
4.) Henry Aaron .3050
5.) Al Oliver .3031
6.) Pete Rose .3029
7.) Willie Mays .3017
8.) Al Kaline .2973
9.) Frank Robinson .2941
10.) Lou Brock .2926

Note: Red font indicates players that are currently in the Hall of Fame

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  • Mike Walker No brainer, this man belongs in the HOF.

  • Anonymous I lived in Arlington in the 70's and went to a few Ranger Games (big fan), I can almost recite every player. I also used to play in Al's house while it was being built. Good times

  • ROBERT SPINOZA This is an absolute disgrace that Al isn't in the H.O.F. If Ryne Sandberg is in and Al isn't, well then there is something very, very wrong with this picture. Compare the stats...Al Oliver blows him away, period!

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