Subeta is the best site in the world. This guy though is a loser

Please sign to put this guy down and shut down his petition. I know that subeta is not a \"perfect\" site but it is a lot better than marapets, zetapets...etc. and a ton more out there. Subeta is unique in its own way, not a copyright issue. It did not violate any \"copyright\" laws. As of now, I know that this guy is a total loser. He is just a jealous prat that should be put to silence. Those that signed his petition is actually supporting him (although i did it to spread this petition around). We must try to stop him before Subeta COULD be shut down because of a false accusation.


Subeta for Ever



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    evil_lion15, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I agree.
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    Debby, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I don't believe that Subeta has any kinda of infringements that would get it shut down. Yes when I first joined the site almost 2 years ago I thought "Hey this looks kinda similar" But when it came down to it. The fact of the matter is it is quite different than any other site I have ever played on. And I love it very much. So what if Keith is gay. Does he think that he can "Catch gayness by being online" Please that is just so wrong. I mean gay is a life style not a disease. I love Keith for being so open and honest about himself. And not only that but I would like to see another site that is so interactive when it comes to MODS. I mean I have never been to a site where you actually get results faster than that of any other site.. Example : I score a perfect score on a game of Neopets (Can't remember the name now it has been so long) And they have yet to award me my points. This was like 3 years ago. I still have my account and it is like almost 8 years old. So yeah, Subeta is different cause of the staff and the Owner. But you know what. I love Keith o0(In a non-stalker way) I love what he has done for the site and love how he has made the best out of it. I have watched Subeta grow in the Past 2 years and I look forward to everything they are and are going to do to and for the site. May the site live to be ANCIENT :p Mystiya on Subeta :heart:
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    Whitney, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Best site in the world I know i love playing it and I am probably addicted to it and stopped playing Neopets the moment I found it - but it shouldn't be about which is best - only that it is a great site and loads of fun to play. I think it would be great if you could choose pro or con when signing these petitions because it is really hard not to reply to some of the asinine shit people put into petitions only to have it added to the number of signatures "for" it. *sigh* perhaps that is best suited to a petition of it's own! lol
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