Student Oyster Discounts available to all Part time London Students

Rules and regulations state that students are only eligible for a student oyster card if they are: 18 or over, attending a participating education establishment that has registered with TFL on the scheme and a resident in London during term time Also that they are: enrolled on full time course including at least 15 tuition led and/'structured learning' hours a week (with attendance at scheduled classes being Monday–Friday only, and not including evening classes) over a minimum period of 14 weeks on the same course, or a full time student receiving NHS bursary money*, or A full time postgraduate student (for example, studying or writing up for 15 or more hours a week), or a sabbatical office (As specified on the TFL website Student Oyster card T&C's). My petition seeks to grant all students that are living in London and based at London University Campuses the right to have a student oyster card. For example students on evening courses are currently ineligible, students doing a distance learning course but who still have assigned days they need to go in to the University or require use of the University's resources in the week, students who have weekend classes are also currently ineligible. My argument is: 1) We all pay similar fees for part time learning courses so shouldn't we hold similar benefits? 2) Why should we be restricted use of the library or campus facilities because we are being charged extra for travel? 3) The specification of 15 hours a week or more in learning should be irrelevant that it is just classroom based, if we opt for a course that is 22 hours a week (for example) it should not make a difference that it is classroom based but just the number of hours the course is per week on average. 4)If the University has no Learning to Access Fund this restricts students in need of financial assistance and so it therefore not fair that students facing financial hardship are not only ineligible for this route because they can’t apply for the fund but also ineligible for the student oyster card. Your signature states that you believe all part time courses on London campuses should be eligible for the student oyster card for students living in London and that you are dissatisfied with the current regulations issued by TFL for student oyster card eligibility.



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    petra hinds, United Kingdom

    1 year ago Comments: completely agree!!!
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