Tens of thousands of dolphins, whales and seals are slaughtered every year. Whaling and seal clubbing is cruel, unnecessary and disgraceful, yet despite the international ban on commercial whaling and seal clubbing, it still continues today. Japan, Norway and Iceland, together kill over 2,000 whales each year and around one MILLION seals have been killed in the last 3 years. However they are not the only ones putting the future of whales and seals at risk. The worlds oceans could soon be opened up to a bloody and cruel slaughter that should have been consigned to history: A slaughter that saw many whale species and seal species brought to the brink of extinction last century. This petition is to stop whaling and seal clubbing at every level. If you sign this petition your helping us to stop these countries from killing the most beautiful and gental mammals on this planet. What they do is absolutely disgusting and should NOT be allowed to happen. With your help, we're one step closer to stop whaling for good.



  • Nansie Chapman This is a horrific and cruel practice that needs to be stopped!

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    Nansie Chapman, United States

    1 year ago Comments: This is a horrific and cruel practice that needs to be stopped!
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    Edie johnston, Australia

    5 years ago Comments: poor seals and poor whales :(
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    Sarah, Australia

    5 years ago Comments: This is so mean, i support it.
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