NO to the Waterfront West LRT Etobicoke Lake Shore Village

To Metro Links as well as City Council for Toronto and Mississauga, Please be advised that the home and business owners in Lake Shore Village, Mimico, and Long Branch areas wish to voice our protest against being literally overrun by the newly proposed high speed LRT. We wish to advise that our much older communities which have been producing amazing results through sheer persistence, hard work, sweat, and tears to evolve once again into the prospering businesses that once existed in these areas. We wish to STOP this ludicrous proposal to pave over the Etobicoke small communities with a high speed express train from downtown Mississauga into downtown Toronto. Our older and much more personable communities deserve the same rights as the citizens in the downtown Mississauga core who wish to commute back and forth to their prospering employment in downtown Toronto in the fastest and most convenient possible method. What consideration is being afforded to the elderly as well as mentally and physically challenged residents in these small communities who will have their mobility severely jeoparadized. Not to mention all the business that will now be rerouted to downtown Toronto and Mississauga by this proposed high speed LRT line. Our communities need to have the ability to park to enjoy the convenience of shopping with your car conveniently close by for loading. Besides the right to our freedom of movement, expanding and prospering in our businesses. Please vote now to keep our community as is, let the LRT be run on The Queensway or down along the scenic shoreline itself, not through the hearts of all our small personable communities. Or just use the existing transit and subway lines and add more trains, buses, and drivers to accomodate these travellers. Say NO to the asphalt, noise, and removal of our parking privileges to accomodate the proposal to link downtown Mississauga and Toronto by creating ghost towns of all our communities!!!! Say NO to being elimiated by a high speed platform system that will inhibit traffic and all business activities in these areas from Park Lawn to Long Branch. Signed, Lake Shore Village, Mimico, and Long Branch residents and business owners


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    Cristina shannon, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Reren, China

    3 years ago Comments: So, wish I was out in Toronto. I started last year with 4 5X5 SFG plots in the mddile of a basically xeriscaped yard to avoid using too much water. I used a combo of the Mel's book and your book to guide me through .beginners luck we had an awesome harvest. I'm so inspired now that I've got the seedlings on the window sill hoping for the micro greens.Good luck with the show and thanks you so much for the inspiration.
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    Fikro, Netherlands

    3 years ago Comments: I live too far from Toronto (and rurally now too) but I'm super ecetixd about the possibility of a TV show encouraging people to grow food in the city. I wish you the best of luck with finding locations, filming, and getting it onto TV! If you're ever in Eastern Ontario, and want a city transplant turning a blank slate into garden, give me a shout! (Is it going to be on network television? I'm hoping to cancel the satellite so that I'll have more $ for garden purchases!)
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