Lets stop the violence on our streets!!

Too many of our children are dying on our streets. Recent murders of young bright innocent men with the world at their feet are even more hard hitting because they had no involvement in any kind of criminal activity. They were simply caught up in the mindless violence that is beginning to plague Britain today. There needs to be a programme that instils discipline, self respect and respect for others into these troubled youths and I believe this to be some form of Boot Camp. This will be a lot more effective instead of sending them to detention centres that provides them with a luxury lifestyle, which is more like a holiday than punishment, where they are pandered to in the name of rehabilitation! Just like the television programme 'Bad Lads Army', these youths need to learn the value of life and respect for others. To prevent this happening with the next generation, there should be more discipline in schools and teachers should be able to handle their sudents the way they see fit, without the fear of being accused of not being PC or worse still, abuse! It is ridiculous!! I believe we need the following: 1) Harder sentences or Detention Centres with a Boot Camp regime 2) A lot more discipline in Schools 3) Parents being held responsible Lets learn a lesson from New York.... ZERO TOLERANCE! The victims' parents are losing their children at an alarming rate and the punishments do not fit the crime. Let's stand up together as a nation and put a stop to this now!


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    Darran Faulkner, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: I believe the sooner we can learn a lesson from New York about.... ZERO TOLERANCE! the better. To many young kids are being killed for no reason. I have a young son who is going to be 2 in October and young daughter who is only 5 months old and I want my kids to grow up and not know about such dangers. Please lets all do somethink now!!!!!!!!!!
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    joseph flaherty, United Kingdom

    7 years ago
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    caroline jackson, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: we need more education at school to teach the children from an early age the dangers.
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