We Oppose Any Ban of Vicodin (Hydrocodone HCl)

We, the People of the United States, feel we have the right to have access to medications that have, as their primary effect, relieving of acute or chronic pain. Vicodin (Hydrocodone Hydrochloride) has a proven track record of being a reliable medication for relieving pain enough that those afflicted with disabling pain, may function day to day. It appears that an administrative panel of the FDA have voted to ban Vicodin from use by patients, at the same time as they have moved to try to decrease dosage of certain over the counter pain products containing "Acetaminophen" (Tylenol). We see these actions as ultimately causing millions of people to suffer needlessly with intractable pain, simply because allegedly SOME people abuse these substances. Some people abuse and intake too much food, but it would be folly to ban all people from having access to food, in the same sense that it will cause needless suffering to millions, to remove one of the staples of pain management. Thus, we petition the government for redress of our grievances against this wrongheaded and ultimately, dangerous path which the Food and Drug Administration has embarked upon. We believe this vote was an over-reaction and a knee jerk response to a phantom problem. At the very least, before any hasty actions are undertaken, this should be put to a popular referendum to the people that will ultimately be harmed by this foolish proposed ban.


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    Karla Rabel, United States

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    Phyllis Parmenter, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I have numerous prescriptions dating back to 1996 for vicodin and I now also have a prescription for marijuana. I think it is a great combination and I can now deal with the pain in my life.
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