Send Illegals and the UN Packing

This petition is for like minded U.S. citizens to speak up and be heard. I believe the United States should reduce our force levels in Germany, South Korea, and other nations unfriendly to us around the world. I believe our borders and ports can be guarded by our military and civil authorities without violating the Posse Comitatus Act. I believe all foreign aid and food relief should be reserved for democratic countries who are friendly to us and share our values. Furthermore, I believe it\'s high time for the UN to find another host country and the UN building in NYC be sold, turned into office spaces for commercial businesses, and countries billed to reimburse NYC for all of the parking violations incurred by UN diplomats over the years. This petition\'s results will be sent to the Executive and Legislative branches of our government in Washington, D.C.


I\'m just an \"ordinary\" citizen of the United States who is tired of the status quo.


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    Donyell, Argentina

    3 years ago State: Arkansas
    Country: Paraguay
    Comments: I could read a book about this without finding such real-world approcahes!
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    Pam Henry, United States

    8 years ago State: IN
    Country: US
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    Russell Blakley, United States

    8 years ago State: VA
    Country: US
    Comments: It's about time we started doing what is right and forget about what is politically correct if we had acted this way when we were attacked by Japan we would now be under Japanese rule No fears theU.S. anymore because they know we have a bunch of PUSSIES running this Country that are too afraid of offending this group or that group I say they found their way here and if the don't like how why and when we conduct ourselves as a nation and a united people then they can't get the hell out of this country as fast as they came France saw this problem a=of people immgrating to their country and trying to change the face of their country and culture and they yes the FRENCH stopped the movement in it's tracks and deported and closed it's borders to these same factions In my opinion unless you are here legally you have basic rights only not every rif=ght afforded to true Americans hell if I were a foreigner I would want to come to a country that gives guaranteed loans housing tax free living to help them when they try and settle Hell as I said I was born here and to a poor white family I actually took fried potatoes to schooln a bread bag in the days before free lunch programs When I turned 21 yrs old the USgovernment didn't offer these options to me or any other American Wake UP NOW OR IN 20YRS OR LESS THE COUNTRY WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT NAME the USLA the United States of Latin America
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