Stop Sen. Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban

Fellow Americans,

In light of recent tragedies, left-wing gun grabbers have moved to further infringe on our Second Amendment right to bear arms and form militias. Senator Feinstein (D-CA) has introduced yet another Assault Weapons Ban in light of the tragic shooting in CT and President Obama has threatened to use Executive Orders to violate the 2nd Amendment. We must all unite now to stop this attempt to further limit our rights as Americans.

Sign the petition below and send a copy to your friends; use the House and email registry to alert your elected officials. We, the 85 million responsible gun owners, with our quarter of a billion legal guns, combined make up the largest militia in the history of the world. In the annals of history, American gun ownership was credited by Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto as the reason he did not follow up the attack on Pearl Harbor with an invasion of our mainland.

We cannot rely on the NRA's lobbying arm or House Republicans to do the right thing on our behalf. We and we alone must tell our officials that our rights shall not be trampled on, and by signing this petition and passing it along we are doing just that.

Upon reaching 85,000 signatures, every member of the House and Senate will receive a copy. President Obama shall receive one, along with the major media outlets and blogs. However, we ask that you also send copies to your friends, co-workers, and families of similar mindset. The Left have already begun their own petition drive to support this bill, and we must work to prevent it. Your signature shows that you will not stand for the politicization of these tragic shootings.

Murderers will always find the means to kill, be it through guns, or knives like the recent Beijing stabber who nearly killed 22, or bombs, or vehicles. Banning guns is not the answer, but finding ways to keep them out of the hands of the mentally insane is. Signing this today will send this important message to Congress and President Obama. Signing also says that we will not tolerate the President's plan to enact gun control through executive order, either.


The Undersigned

Sponsor Michael Zubick


Michael Zubick


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