Stop the fur industry

Its painful silences affect us all deeply. If we don't protect animals from this type of brutality, we become accomplices Please sign and forward to all your contacts - this has to be stopped!!! I explain the process below: With a hidden camera, animals were filmed being SKINNED ALIVE!!! They say it's done to get a more perfect ''cut''; afterwards the carcasses are tossed into a pile, still alive, and for up to 10 minutes you can see their hearts still beating, in agony, their eyes still blinking, and the puppies' little paws still shaking. There was one pup, that still lifted his head and gazed at the camera with bloodied eyes. This was captured on video by PETA be aware video is very graphic.


Caring Hearts Animal Rescue Mission RSA is in full support of stopping this cruel inhumane practice. Pleas help us by signing the petition. This cruelty MUST end!!!!!!



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    Erika, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Animal life is precious, and the fur trade degrades animals. In China, Korea and other countries around the world and by the thousands, animals are bludgeoned, electrocuted, sliced and skinned alive. This is heinous, disgusting and unimaginable to me. But the unimaginable is happening to countless animals that, I for one, consider friends. Animals bring so much joy to our world and there is so much we can learn from them. Real fur as fashion is ugly because the torture and killing of animals degrades the human soul as well as the precious animal. Nobody "needs" fur, but even for those that like the look of it, there are faux alternatives. We who love animals must not be silent. I no longer shop at Kohl's or Macy's because they do not care about animal rights. Please join me in boycotting fur and in demanding an end to the fur industry. Life and liberty for all!
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    Victoria Salter, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: -
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    Mia Rademeyer, South Africa

    6 years ago
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