Stop the graphic violence in WSIB "Chef" TV ad.

The WSIB has launched a series of graphic ads depicting deaths from workplace hazards entitled "There Really Are No Accidents". One of these depicts a young woman working as a chef or cook who falls in the kitchen and is badly burned by oil from a deep fat fryer falling on her. Her very realistic screams and close up of her face with the skin blistering and peeling make this a particularly disturbing ad, especially traumatizing to someone who has witnessed or experienced scalding burns. This ad is too graphic for public viewing and although it is supposed to be shown late at night during "mature" rated shows, networks may not consistently follow this guideline and children could accidentally see this as it is shown as early as 9 PM. The subject matter of many "mature"rated programs will most often not prepare you for this unexpected commercial. This commercial should be taken off the air or changed to be less graphic and disturbing. While the WSIB does have serious and important message to share, they do not need to do it in such a horrifying way.


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    Beth Mcquinn Nixon, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: How about WSIB doing a commercial on the trauma that befalls the families of Injured Workers when WSIB and other WCB's don't pay those injured through workplace accident and disease Kids going hungry, families using their house, car, trips to food banks - all at the hands of WSIB and WCB's. Safety is important - but WCB's have two focuses... safety and compensation. If they can't meet their obligations on compensation - why do we think they can handle promoting safety
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    Leah Puckering, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: I saw this commercial for the first time on Saturday night at 8:05 while watching Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC. I know that many young people also watch Hockey Night in Canada, like for instance my 4 year old nephew and 10 year old neice... I was DISGUSTED by this ad, I do not watch slasher flicks and was extremely upset to have one forced upon me with no warning. I am not surprised to see that my tax dollars have been wasted by a government agency that is too stupid to realize their target audience. Every single chef/line cook/restaurant employee that I know would have been at work at 8:00 on a Saturday night, not at home watching TV...
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    June Martin, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: not appropriate regardless of the message
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