Stop the Animal Abuse!

In a student-run reptile museum, feeder rats are physically abused. They are not fed everyday of the week and are not killed humanely. Students throw them against walls, whack them against rails, smacked with large metal tweezers, frozen alive, twisting their heads and yanking on them to detach their spines, handled roughly, and are tortured by taking nonliving rats and rubbing them on the other live rats to frighten them. The teacher who runs this museum encourages the students to perform these acts. This needs to stop. Not only are they mistreated, but they live in horrible conditions. Their cage bins are coated with filth and dirt and have never been washed. The shelf the the bins sit in is covered in complete dust, which can cause respiratory infections. Kids are cruel and should not be in charge of running a museum with animals. The rats need to be treated with respect and handled properly. They may be bred to feed other animals, but they are the most loyal pets you'll ever have. Please help stop this horrible treatment towards these innocent animals! By signing your name, you are helping against this cruelty! Everyone's support is appreciated! These rats should be freed and given to loving families!


  • Jessica Napier Help these poor little rats get loving homes!

  • Winter Darkwood Rat cruelty must be stopped, what did these poor, helpless creatures ever do to you

  • Emily Beattie "How can man expect to be saved by those above him when he cannot respect those below him?"
    Those animals were put into the care of humans since God created this earth, and they were not intended to be used for our sick pleasure and experiments. They are someONE, not someTHING. Animals meant to be eaten should be eaten, but they should be killed only in the same respect as you'd give another person.

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