stop breed specific legislation in texas

Ex judge and Texas attorney, Cynthia Stevens Kent, is going to the Texas legislature in January to try to pass a law that not only bans the ownership of pitbulls in Texas, meaning that all registered pitbulls would be confiscated and euthanized, but also wants to make it a 3rd degree felony if you are caught owning one. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. The government should not be allowed to tell us what breed of dog we are allowed to own, and it is not fair to crucify an entire breed because of a few bad incidents, all caused by irresponsible and abusive owners. The only way to make sure this law doesn't pass is for the government to hear our voices. This petition can speak for thousands upon thousands of innocent animals. It can save their lives. Pitbulls now...what breed will be next?


susan steinberg



  • Betty Parks This is wrong in so many ways! It's not always the dogs fault but they have to suffer the consequences of ignorant or evil owners! You obviously haven't looked any further into Pitbulls than the headlines!

  • sheila turner this is ludicrous!!! why don't you pass a law that makes a 3rd degree felony for dog abuse and neglect!!! That's what makes a bad dog... and maybe this Texas attorney is an animal hater!!!! It sounds like a personal battle to me!!! Taking peoples family members (pets) is ridiculous!!!!! BSL laws are discrimination!!! They should be unconstitutional!!! Convict and ethanize the correct Breed (the animal abusers!!!!) shameful Law in the making!!!!!

  • Betty Parks Dogs are only as bad as the owners! Don't punish the dogs for irresponsible owners! Stop the Breed Specific bans!

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