Blizzard Make Ninja Looting a VIOLATION!!!

I have created this petition in the hopes that we can make Blizzard step up to the plate and stop all this Ninja looting that is taking place in World of Warcraft as of late. It seems like almost weekly you hear about someone ninja looting this or that in some raid. Instead of punishing said ninja looter Blizzard simply says that it is not a violation and that we should use the Need before Greed system like we do in basic dungeons. Not only is this ridiculous because no one ever uses this system it too would be flawed. More so than having a Master Looter. When using a Master Looter you can check a person's gear he/she is wearing and see if they are rolling just to try and get a little extra gold, just taking it out of spite, etc. This is the reason that most people use the Master Loot system in raids. As a community yes we can blacklist those people that ninja from raids but that doesn't stop someone else from doing it. It is a never-ending cycle. So unless Blizzard makes this a true VIOLATION with a STRICT punishment then we will continue to see ninja looting well into the next expansion and beyond. This needs to stop now. If you think Blizzard needs to make this a suspend-able offense w/ the gear he/she ninja looted being removed sign this petition. Only if we the players, who give them their $15 a month make a stance will they change this unfair policy. Send this to all of your friends who play WoW. Anyone who is tired of ninja looting. If we get enough signatures Blizzard will be under a lot of pressure to change this policy for good.


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