Stop Bill (HR-875) The End of Organic Farming

The pharmaceutical/chemical companies are now trying to pass a Bill( HR 875) which if passed, would allow them to end all organic farming. The reason they want to end organic farming is because they SAY they cannot control food poisoning. They now want to change the FDA (just another arm of the pharm/chem co's) to the Federal Drug and Device Administration, just what is the DEVICE part of this going to mean How much power do the pharm/chem companies really need Right now they feel they're omnipotent, and it is our government that has allowed this to happen and, it has gotten way out of hand! Is this not supposed to be a government by the people for the people We should all be sick and tired of how the power of money has so dramatically changed the way our government is run. Trying to rush these bills through Congress so that the people of these United States barely, or never, get a chance to react has to stop NOW... it has changed the face of government to: By the Wealthy for the Wealthy, and that just plain sucks. I have read nothing in this bill that nails down ANYTHING specific other than the fact they want to to put an end to all things organic, and the only reason being, they feel it is taking money out of their pocket, well Boo freaking Hoo... they continue to create death with no regard for human life whatsoever. This bill appears to be left wide open in its wording whereas the enforcement of it could, and would, be used in the most dominating way. If they truly feel they can control food poisoning, why is there so much food poisoning happening right now I'll tell you why, because THEY CANNOT!!! IF they can, then WHO is doing the poisoning Think about it... There are about five or six major companies which control the food industry, and the pharm/chem companies are linked to these in one form or another. Read the ingredients, on almost every item, you'll notice these two words, ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, of which there can be over 300, and thanks to a BILL, they no longer have to list them. We now have no way of knowing what chemicals we could be ingesting into our bodies, can't imagine why A.D.D. has risen so dramatically, oh but wait, they have a CURE for that too don't they, imagine that... We the people DESERVE to know why they are allowed to continue their current DEATH MARCH on the peoples of these United States. Now, while there are a few things, and I do mean very few, they have done to help some people, and I do mean some, because it sure isn't ALL like they want us to believe, is greatly overshadowed by the extreme pain they have brought to so many, many families. Organic farming has always been part of the backbone of our great country, there were no chemical companies back then, food poisoning was relatively nonexistent and people were naturally more healthy. Do yourselves a favor, try something organic and see how much better it tastes, you'll also find how much better it is for you. I ask you now to sign this petition to help us STOP BILL HR 875 and the PHARM/CHEM companies from completely taking over, as they have with so many aspects of our lives. If this bill is allowed to pass it will indeed be a very sad day, for it will finally prove once and for all, that MONEY has the power to control OUR GOVERNMENT and, that peoples lives mean absolutely nothing to them.


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