Stop GVMS Rules

We are Americans, and we have freedom of speech. As students, we are told to express ourselves in any way possible; this includes the way we dress, and what we carry. All of the student's individual ideas are being turned down and mostly we students are the targets. Great Valley School District has ethical values, and because the citizens are respectful and intelligent, they usually would not break the rules; such as bringing weapons to school. As for the citizens that would disrupt the learning process and values of the school and possibly bring weapons to school, how would we stop them anyways Students and teachers bring book bags or bags to school and sometimes plastic bags, what is the District going to do next, ban bags in general One of Great Valley's biggest rules is no harassment of any kind, and this includes sexual harassment. Classmates know not to look at anyone in an inappropriate way, thru words or body language. The students were also taught not to express wrongful behavior that would be considered as harassment. Now the students of GVMS are not allowed the wear ripped jeans, or pants with words. By disallowing this, students are denied their right of individuality and the right to show what their personality is. Parents will also probably have to buy new clothes for their children, because most students are affected by these new rules. As you have read, students are at a huge disadvantage. Because we are younger, we are less powerful and donâ


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    maya j., United States

    8 years ago Comments: Hey Gaby! It's maya from camp and I read this and I feel so bad 4 u. hope this vote counts! good luck
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    Charles Tabor, United States

    8 years ago Comments: The rules proposed by the Great Valley School District are Draconian to say the least and, in light of the quality of students in GV District, they are quite unnecessary.
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    Julie Tabor, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I definitely agree with your cause and I'm proud that you're getting involved instead of only complaining!
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