Maximum Salary for Employed Persons

I suggest maximum salary for all company employees/directors/executives and chairman should be fifty 50 times lowest full-time annual salary paid to any full-time employee -this means lowest salary of £20,000 pa would limit maximum salary ( including bonuses and benefits ) to £1 million - enough for anybody in secure, no personal risk job ! Only self-employed people risking their own money could have more. This would benefit most of the working population and the economy since lower paid people receiving rise of £5000 or so would spend it on consumer goods. Greedy directors etc. helping themselves to £10 million in salary ,bonuses and perks cant spend all their income except on Oil Paintings and works of art etc. which does the economy little or no good !! I don't buy the argument that companies have to pay these massive salaries to "get the best" - that's just the greedy trying to justify the unjustifiable.   STOP THE GREED NOW .... £1 Million pa is enough for anybody !



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