Stop eBay from Ruining the Small Time Seller

This is a petition protesting eBay's new fee and feedback system. These changes will almost certainly ruin small time "mom and pop" sellers. These are the concerns: Raised fees: Yes, the listing fees are lower, however with the higher final value fees eBay will make their money make and more whenever an item sells for just $2.00. With these higher fees it will hardly be worth while for small time sellers just trying to get rid of their old stuff to sell what they have laying around. eBay also owns Paypal, who also takes a percentage of each payment. When a seller lists something they are forced to pay. Almost every seller accepts paypal as that is the form of payment almost every buyer wishes to use. These are the fees that this petition is protesting: The second thing that this petition addresses is the new proposed feedback system. With the system of sellers not being allowed to leave negative or neutral feedback for a buyer there is no way for sellers to warn other sellers of deadbeat buyers. This also leaves sellers open to much abuse, as buyers will still be allowed to leave sellers negative and neutral feedback. There will surely be buyers that will abuse the system and use it to threaten sellers. Buyers will have to option to threaten negative feedback for any reason, and sellers will have no recourse. A buyer would be able to decide they didn't like how the mailman put the item in their mailbox, and email the seller threating to leave negative feedback if this "problem" wasn't dealt with. These are the feedback changes we are protecting: In closing, eBay advertises itself as a "community" where people from all over the world can engange in trade with eachother. Many people come to eBay looking for that rare item that they can't find anywhere else. Others to clean out their closest. With these new changes the only ones who will be able to afford selling are big time sellers that run their business on eBay. This will rid eBay of those unique items, and the sellers that may simply sell something for a little extra cash over the holidays. eBay wants to abandon the very principles on which it was founded; giving people the chance to come together with a "garage sale" feel. If these changes stick, the good ol' days of eBay will be forgotten.


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    Brantlea Newbery, United States

    7 years ago
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    Chris Watson, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Stop the gouging!
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    kimberly yamashita, United States

    7 years ago Comments: these changes will be making me go elsewhere. I pay $600 a week every week to ebay. I guess my money isn't needed.
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