Stop Child Protective Services Corruption

Child Protective Services take children from parents that have done no wrong. The take them under false accusations, without fully investigating these accusations and a lot of parents NEVER get their children back! Did you know that CPS gets PAID to adopt children out Shocking isn\'t it CPS gets paid fees from the state and federal government to adopt a certain number of children out each year and get bonus money if they go over the number required each year! For more information go to the information there will shock you, bring you to tears and make you so angry about how our children are sold as cattle to make a buck! Sign this to help stop innocent families from being torn apart. Yes some children ARE being abused, but read the stories of innocent families being torn apart from FALSE accusations and bold faced lies. Don\'t take my word for it visit and see for yourself! CPS is about the money not the children. Also check out the stories will outrage you, shock you and will convince you we need to make a difference and STOP the corruption of CPS!! They take the children first, then investigate, putting the children in homes that get PAID to have them, tearing the families to shreds, emotionally scaring the children for life. The children do not understand what is going on and then the drug them up and tell them this is best. And after 2 years, this is the limit on keeping them or giving them back, they say the bond is broken between child and parent and adopt them out to get that money!! PLEASE, PLEASE help us keep our children! Stop the corruption of the GOVERNMENT agency that kidnap our children and sell them to others without a care of what it does to the child or parent!! I beg of you to help us all that have lost our children, believe me IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!




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    Iris Clark, United States

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    Daniel Wade, United States

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    Elizabeth Behr, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I had a friend who was once threatened by her ex, using their children as leverage. He said he would tell CPS that she was neglecting the children. Why Spite. He ended up not going through with it, but he might have. He could have. And he wouldn't've been the first. And she would have lost her children. The reason he didn't Because he didn't want the responsibility of the children--he just didn't want her to have them. How often does this happen
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