Have Vermont DCF Social Workers Investigated

Petition To Have Vermont DCF Social Workers, Police & Family Courts Of Vermont Investigated By The FBI And U.S Officials. For The Crimes Of ; Kidnaping Extortion Perjury Fraud False Imprisonment Blackmail Filing False And Fraudulent Reports & Affidavits Civil Rights Violations Constitutional Rights Violations It is time for people to wake up and STOP the abuse Of our Children from CORRUPT Courts, Judges, DCF Social Workers And police! So if you DON'T Care about your kids or any other child in this world Just don't sign this Petition! But don't CRY for help when A Corrupt DCF Social Worker is at your door! With a Corrupt cop Saying " Hi I am from DCF, we got a complant, can we come in and talk about it" When you here those words Your are all ready In DEEP DEEP DEEP CRAP! At the time DCF Hits your door. You have about a 70% Chance of loosing your children to them that very day! So please sign this Petition Today! It could just save your family! Please do this for all the children in this world! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STOP THEM! FOR MORE HELP AND INFO PLEASE GO TO AFRA'S SITE AT http://familyrightsassociation.com/


  • Loretta Sarazin They are corrupt because they have the court appointed defense lawyers on their side, the judges in their pockets. They will use everything you say against you and twist it to fit their needs. It is really bad in Vermont. These people do not care about the children at all. They care about the dollar signs

  • Anonymous They harass parents who are doing a great job yet they slide on all the parents who actually do mistreat, neglect, beat, starve, molest, kill. They have so much blood on their hands that they scramble in a mad hattery manner if you "oppose" them and make your life hell. They brainwash family members that don't have children, into thinking that all actions by us parents are wrong and to report even an inkling of suspicion. This induces "welfare checks" by cops who on many occasions agree that DCF is harassing and to complain. We complain then we look like we are "bad parents that are non complient". They build cases off of hearsay. They have no care for the children. At this point all they need for my case to be closed is to follow up with doctors and follow my medications as I am chronically ill with life long pain. It is a witch hunt. Imagine my surprise when a fucking COP, and not one but four different ones on separate occasions told me to complain and that they agree they are agressors and they don't help kids that really need help. That they apologize all the time for coming but by law have to to do their jobs. I get that but the laws need to change. 3 welfare checks for me in 4 days is a bit of intrudment on me and scaring my daughter. She is afraid now of cops and DCF workers. She is afraid to be alone. And EVERY check day or night, yes dead ass of night I shit you not, they find my child is very well taken care of in ALL areas. Never has she been reported as being in any distress in 8 months. But since all these deaths, and the police agree with me, they are hyper active about everyone. Well, when you do that, children that actually are being harmed are falling through the cracks and that makes me so fucking emotional. I cannot deal with children being mistreated. It makes me sick. I want DCF to do what they are there to do, KEEP KIDS SAFE THAT ARE HIGH RISK AND ARE DEEMED UNSAFE. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB "DCF"!!

  • Chicky Carroll my daughter was literally stolen from me. i never thought i would recover. i was sitting in a courtroom being literally lied about and tricked and nobdy wanted to help me.it was a nghtmare.but when seh comes back,and she will...i will have the proof that i didnt give up they stole you i never stopped loving you i have a gift for every christmas and birthday you have missed and in the 4 years you have been gone as terrified as i was after my last experience you have a brother. i love you genevieve. and i know god will bring you back to me someday

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    krystal walsh

    3 days ago Comments: I am working with a dcf right now tracey brown, sawyer lacompt, and reni birdie and sargent mike from cusi in Burlington vt
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    Danielle Kissell, United States

    1 month ago Comments: Really want something to be done I won't write the specifics of my case because I'm using a private investigator to work on my case with me to over throw the dcf workers abs anyone else involved in mishandling my case
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    2 months ago Comments: DCF has messed up a lot and taken children away from families wrongfully, and allowed unfit parents to keep their kids hence putting them at risk. I think that DCF should get people in there That actually care about the children and not just the paycheck!
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