Have Vermont DCF Social Workers Investigated

Petition To Have Vermont DCF Social Workers, Police & Family Courts Of Vermont Investigated By The FBI And U.S Officials. For The Crimes Of ; Kidnaping Extortion Perjury Fraud False Imprisonment Blackmail Filing False And Fraudulent Reports & Affidavits Civil Rights Violations Constitutional Rights Violations It is time for people to wake up and STOP the abuse Of our Children from CORRUPT Courts, Judges, DCF Social Workers And police! So if you DON'T Care about your kids or any other child in this world Just don't sign this Petition! But don't CRY for help when A Corrupt DCF Social Worker is at your door! With a Corrupt cop Saying " Hi I am from DCF, we got a complant, can we come in and talk about it" When you here those words Your are all ready In DEEP DEEP DEEP CRAP! At the time DCF Hits your door. You have about a 70% Chance of loosing your children to them that very day! So please sign this Petition Today! It could just save your family! Please do this for all the children in this world! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STOP THEM! FOR MORE HELP AND INFO PLEASE GO TO AFRA'S SITE AT http://familyrightsassociation.com/


  • Christina Frost While I can agree that their are corrupt social workers and police, I cannot and will not sign this petition knowing that there are still great social workers out there that care, and that want to help the families. I know for a fact that they DON'T want to take children away. They do it when they absolutely have to. The unforeseeable events that have happened lately are not due to corrupt social workers. It's because social workers are overworked and underpaid. They don't get the time off they need to recoop. They are always worrying about families and how they could have helped more, or if there was something that could have been done different! Everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions about stuff. Know the facts before you start bashing community resources that are only there to help!

    I am in school to become a social worker. I have four children of my own and I do not think DCF and their social workers and employees are all horrible.

  • gina I know someone this happened to. They did everything that was required and the judge ordered dcf to return the child but that judge was retiring so before everything was done there was a new judge and dcf made up lies and somehow got away with going against judges orders. Whats worse is the woman from dcf adopted the child out to personal friends of hers. This happened in Newport, Vt.

  • buffy spencer dcf in barre never Investigated me right i would never sex touch a child i like all kids i would never hurt them call my ister tina jacobs at 802-477-2515 and dc never tryed putting my child back with me she has ask to talk and see me and they will not and i have done everything dcf ask me to do and they want to take my rights away i am not singing anything

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