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Misinformation about chinchillas is rampant on the web. This creates major issues for the established chinchilla community when it comes time to re-educate the previously misinformed, and in extreme cases can even lead to infighting in the chinchilla community. Recently, the Staff of a high profile small animal site has shown they have no regard for proper chinchilla info on their site, and have even gone as far as to discredit information given by experienced chinchilla owners well respected in the chinchilla community(none of their staff has extensive prior chinchilla experience) and even ban them from posting on the site. Please sign this petition to show the administration of WWW.CAVYCOMPENDIUM.COM that the chinchilla community does not tolerate the spread of misinformation in such blatant manors. This could be the first step in ending this MAJOR ONGOING problem. The issues leading to this petition can be found by following this link:


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    Ted Borges, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Although I don't agree with Megan and the other breeder, I believe they have a right to give their informed opinions without having their motives called into question. The large cage defenders made the discussion personal and clearly had no tolerance for experts with a different point of view. Experienced owners giving advice should be exactly what cavycompendium should be encouraging, not just opnions they agree with.
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    Jessica, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I am appalled at how they twisted words around. I love how those with little or no chin experience are experts on their care and well being. I am not sure if this will accomplish anything but, I'll support it.
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    Josh Everett, United States

    8 years ago
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