Stop Arts Council Cuts in Wales

to appeal to the Arts Coucil, about their recent cuts in Wales, Many Local and Commuinty Projects that were funded by the Arts Council have now been cut from their funding from the Arts Council - We Believe that this is a big MISTAKE.. and that the many Performing arts, Musical, Drama based Theatre Groups are a great importance to many individuals and Schools and deprived areas. The Arts Council have cut 3 out of 8 theatre groups in the Wales Area - such as Speactcle Theatre based in the Rhondda Valleys and Theatr Gwent.. with the funding from the Arts Council that has now been cut, each of these companies have to now seek other funding and raise money to be enabled to carry out there mission and aims in educating and teaching Peoples from all ages and backgrounds the importance of Welsh Culture, Drama, Theatre and Music and Many other Drama Genre types and not only other Arts based but Basic skills such as commuincation and team building that many adults and children can carry with them throughout life.


  • Anonymous I thik this is an incredibly important issue that could, but must not be allowed to, lead to a fall in the quality of British Theatre

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    MAURICE BURNS, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    peter dowie, Ireland

    3 years ago Comments: These kinds of cuts have often proven to irresponsible and short sighted when they have been inacted in the past throughout Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. The creative Arts sector plays an important part in teaching and expressing cultural heritage and it has also proven to be a critical piece of many areas local economies. Cutting a public service is often seen as an easy way to make up a deficit in the economy rather than take a serious look at restructuring the economy and removing the causes of high national debt. Once funding for these services goes it is very hard to get it back.
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    WILLIAM STEWART, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: Deeply shocked and saddened that such a dedicated, successful and worthwhile undertaking could be cut. I want my taxes to go to this sort of outfit not the companies that are reproducing set pieces for the well off. How are we ever going to escape the cycles of deprivation and criminality if you can't grasp the benefit of outfits like SPECTACLE? Please try and get a grip on reality - INVEST my taxes in this company.
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