Stop this Treason!

In 1999, Labour enacted treasonous legislation removing inalienable rights from over 650 members of the House of Lords. These rights existed for many centuries and were an integral part of the functioning of Britain\'s sovereign Parliament. The House of Lords, the House of Commons and the Sovereign all constitute Parliament, are all fundamental to the legislative process and all bills must pass each of these if they are to be constitutional. Labour\'s Lords \"reform\" effectively gutted a whole stage of Government by removing the right of over 650 peers to sit and vote in the House of Lords. The Labour government enacted this bill for no other reason than to secure its monopoly on power by abolishing existing, time-honoured institutions that were likely to oppose its actions. Given that the peers affected were honour-bound to defend Britain, her people and her democracy, the bill effecting their expulsion had entirely opposite motives. It paves the way for Britain as an independent nation state to be inhumed and ultimately dictated to by foreign powers in the ever-tightening noose of political union of the European Union, and undermines Britain\'s sovereign self-governance by undermining her system of government. It is a step towards the illegal and unconstitutional act of the abolition of the monarchy by stealth, and as such is a flagrant violation of allegiance toward Queen and Country. In short, it is treason. We, the undersigned, demand that the House of Lords Act 1999 be immediately repealed and that all members of that house by right conferred by the Sovereign be reinstated.


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    thomas bowers, United States

    8 years ago Country: US
    Comments: i am trying to stop the treason and caruption in the usa , but i suport you
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    Paul Harwood, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Country: GB
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    Robert Wilkinson, United Kingdom

    9 years ago Country: GB
    Comments: Absolute treason on the part of tony blair
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