Stop SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act

We need to stop this bill from being passed. It is well known that piracy is bad, illegal and hurts the digital media market. The problem is that if any website even slightly advocates for piracy in an article then it can be blocked. This has to END.



  • echo stone our fan fictions and art is giving most of today's children and teens another outlet for their emotions. instead of engaging in dramma they read. instead of self harming, they look and a fanfiction of a character that is against it. these things give us strength, they are who we are. sure there is a lot of war between fandoms, but there will be war in everything any human dose. what matters is that when one fandom suffers a down fall, even their worst nemesis is there to support them. we did not tell those before us what they can and can not write, draw or create. creating something people can relate to, recognize and enjoy is a way of life for some, the fan fictions and art are a way to channel that. this is a way for us to interact with others, find common interests and reach out to people from around the world. for some it is an escape. some of us come from broken backgrounds, and when we watch or read about a character we relate to, we think about what they would do or say if you met them, so you write it. or your read an amazing book, one that had you sobbing when you reached the back cover and don't want the story to end, so you write about what happens after. and things like these can inspire others to BUY the actual book or movie. its like free advertising with a twist.

    fan fictions and fan art
    are how we process the world we live in
    are how we branch out and try new things
    are how we get closer to a character that inspires us
    are how we slowly begin to understand ourselves
    are how we connect with others like us
    are how we add to the world
    are how we express ourselves
    are how we show our love for books, songs and movies
    and they are so much more

    tell me, why would you want to take this away?

  • Teri i can not stand the idea that fanfiction might be closed down that site has the only things i read and has given me my imagination back so .....

  • Anonymous STOP SOPA!

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