Stop SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act

We need to stop this bill from being passed. It is well known that piracy is bad, illegal and hurts the digital media market. The problem is that if any website even slightly advocates for piracy in an article then it can be blocked. This has to END.



  • Teri i can not stand the idea that fanfiction might be closed down that site has the only things i read and has given me my imagination back so .....

  • Anonymous STOP SOPA!

  • Joanna Please, everyone! We need to stop this impending madness! Fanfiction is one of the only things that keeps me sane most of the time. It also helps people in different countries to connect to one another. Please, everyone... please, sign and help stop this madness.

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    Mattias Ã…kerlund

    1 week ago Comments: SOPA and PIPA have way too large potential of being abused in morally deplorable ways, suxh as censorship etc. I thought your american constitution was to protect freedom of speech and thought? With these acts you are moving in the same direction as the far east, where websites suck as youtube are blocked nationwide in several countries... So much for the american government "protecting the free world"... Thank god I live in a liberal country such as Sweden, instead of a neofascist state. (That statement was over the top, but it's where you are heading.)
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