Some opinions on the net about girls with orange faces: "it usually goes with tight tops and short skirts - its a whole skank look that the shallow amongst us find attractive, trailer trash orange (...)" "chav central... they have competitions of who can be the most orange." "Do you live in Liverpool? I do & 9 out of 10 girls on the street in the city centre are blond & orange, they look like clones." "This is kinda random, but there's a girl in my Study Hall who bleaches her hair blonde and LOADS her face with makeup, I'm talking raccoon eyes, bright blue eyeshadow, hot pink blush, and bright pink lipstick. The worst is that she's pretty fair-skinned, and she has the most noticable orange makeup line I have ever seen. Why would she do that? What would you think of her?" "Uggh...I HATE that!" "I personally think that they just dont own a mirror! I dont understand how some people dont know how to look presentable." "Half pity half disgust." _______ WE DON'T LIKE IT! IT CREEPS US OUT AND MAKES US WANT TO POUR A BUCKET OF WATER OVER YOUR FACE! STOP USING THE WRONG FOUNDATION! It looks bad and makes you look unpresentable. If you're having trouble finding the right shade, ask people in Boots or Superdrug to help you - I'm sure they'd help you choose the right shade! If you don't know how to put your make up (and if you look orange, you don't) DON'T DO IT! This goes for Racoon eyes, overly straight, fried hair and awfully, skimpy, short skirts, too. They DO NOT make you look good, they make you look embarrasing! Until you develop good taste, leave make up to grown up women. Most orange girls I have seen did not even develop proper boobs yet. It's pathetic and makes us think of child prostitution! Do you agree? Sign!


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