Stop Katie at the border!

Please everyone help, our great country of Australia is about to be invaded by a Brummy! This atrocity can not happen, we will be invaded with words like: Aar kid (our kid) Daynt (don't) Wernit (was it not) Moikrawev (microwave) Stroids (trousers) Ersun (her son) Loiter (lighter) A Bag of suck (Sweets/lollies) Broily Eel (Brierly Hill) Cor (can't) You can not trust people that call their own town: Bir-nin-em STOP THIS NOW....SIGN UP TO END THIS!!!



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    Silvina, Colombia

    2 years ago Comments: Mr. Monistere, Do you mind if I ask you what company you own in San Antonio? I live in San Antonio (by way of mialtiry) and I'm interested in learning more about your stance and your past especially with this whole WHO DAT thing. iyuqgckdo tnexwevsr
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    Xannon, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Wow! That's a really neat anesrw! epergdtf epweqt
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    Justin, United States

    2 years ago Comments: JFK/Reagan or Truman:Politics is seldom the lienar left/right paradigm there are other factors as well. I fear that Senator Obama is the easy way out for Americans. Inspiration is nice, but devoid of hard work it can lead to bad things. There are many types of presidents and we can use our former presidents as archetypes.The independent movement has largely centered itself not around the JFK/Reagan archetype, but the Truman archetype. The give them hell Harry archetype.John Anderson used it so did Ross Perot. They did not lose becuase of this but because Anderson did not have the resources to fight off being locked out of debates and sadly Ross Perot quite the race (when he was ahead in the polls !!!). If Bill Clinton or George Bush took a vacation from the election for three weeks they would have been destroyed (pundits forget this).It seems to me that Mayor Bloomberg is a whole lot more Harry Truman than Kennedy/Reagan and good for him. Truth hurts and people need to be told about it. America needs this now more than ever and I hope the Mayor knows this. I don't know how much more vision without hard work this country can take (left or right). Time to hit the books with the Mayor at the helm.
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