Stop Industrial Sprawl in Coxsackie

We’re deeply concerned about plans to rezone 100 acres alongside 9W and south of Route 81 (The Fountain Flats Site) in Coxsackie to allow the development of a 1 million square foot warehouse and distribution center. See proposed plans by the Greene County IDA at

Developments of such proportions will have irreversible and long-term consequences for our community. It will change dramatically the character of the neighborhood and will impact negatively the value of adjoining residential property. Apart from aesthetics, the project will have tremendous traffic and noise implications and transforms the entrance to the picturesque town of Coxsackie into an industrial park.

 The Town and the Village already carries more that their fair share of such developments. The Coxsackie Waste Disposal, the NYS and Greene County Correctional Facility as well as Kalkberg and two other Industrial Parks are peak features of our community. We petition to concentrate industrial developments in areas already zoned for it versus spreading them out all along 9W. The site in question was zoned for mixed use to create a buffer zone between 2 existing industrial zones to protect historical houses like The Bronck Museum and adjoining historical and other residences. We ask to reinforce the zoning in place and promote only small and organic growth of residential and commercial projects through fiscal and smart building permit authorization or keep the site rural.

 We understand the need for the creation of jobs and tax revenue and propose to use the already existing industrial sites north of Route 81 to achieve such goals. The 360 acres Kalkberg site half a mile up the road is appropriately zoned, carries already such developments and offers sufficient land. The majority of that land though is currently permanent conservation land (278.2 acre). We request to look into a protected land swap from the Kalkberg to the Fountain Flats site, which would put Fountain Flats under permanent conservation. After such a swap the Kalkberg area would still carry over 200 acres of protected conservation land and provide sufficient land for the industrial development suggested by the IDA.

We envision an attractive entrance to the Village on 9W south of Route 81, free of industrial development to keep life and a visit desirable in and around our beautiful and historical Village of Coxsackie.


The Neighbors and Friends of Coxsackie


Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement and development plans.

NY Jobs With Justice and Urban Agenda's damning report on Industrial Development Agencies in NY


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    2 years ago Comments: The IDA is selling us out,! They acquired 100 acres of land and put such a high price tag on it that no small business developer can afford to buy. Only big guns, who will destroy the neighborhood for us and future generations to come.

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