The Facebook pages are there to validate how hunters are out to cause long, horrible deaths with the most barbaric equipment that they can find and then brag and parade over these animals as if they had no life in them at all......are we a nation like this now????? Where we can legally kill another living being with total disregard of the suffering that we are causing????? It is time to STOP this inhumane, barbaric behavior!!! US Game and Wildlife Commission why are you only allowing a few tax paying citizens to share their comments in defense of these animals when we are paying your salaries??? ******85% of Americans are AGAINST the removal of these beautiful animals from the ENDANGERED list, which has JUST happened in the past year......the ZEAL TO KILL has also killed some pet dogs that were tragically mistaken for wolves.....Scientific facts being utilized to control this removed 2 very well known Scientists from the Commission that didn't see things your way as they opposed the extreme aggressiveness that you were taking.....facts are facts and Defenders of has the REAL facts. LISTEN TO THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY AND CONCERNED ANIMAL LOVERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.....PLEASE, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.....


  • Heike Heinze stop it

  • Anonymous STOP

  • SHELLEY stop all the violence, stop killing our Wolves. period.

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