Stop the blame, extremism & hate, support peace 4 Palestine & Israel

We need to raise the voices of moderates Palestinians and Israelis to counter the growing extremism.

Can moderate Israelis and Palestinians (and ALL non-Arabs and non-Jews, too) organize a peace protest, maybe online that focuses ONLY on an end to violence, peace, two states and an end to hate. Don't address anything else, just that? I'm tired of extremism and hate on both sides dominating our future. Maybe an online gathering to make a strong statement, video conferencing?

Please support these FIVE (5) Principles to end the Palestine-Israel conflict and tell the world that Palestinians and Israelis, and YOU, support:

1-an end to ALL violence
2-a renewed commitment to PEACE
3-Support Two-States, Israel and Palestine, as one alternative!
4-Oppose extremism and hatred
5-and, NO BLAME (we don’t blame anyone even though each side is blaming each other) ... I agree from this point forward to only focus on these five issues and not assess blame on either side.

Please join by signing this petition.

Thank you


  • Ray Hanania Done ... expanded ... PLUS the Two-State solution is listed as an "option"

  • Eileen Fleming Can you please edit this to include the voices of moderate Americans because more than any other Nation we are most culpable by 'virtue' of taxpayers providing 9.9 MILLION every day to Israel which sustains the military occupation of the indigenous Palestinians.

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