Stop Subway from banning Meat and Pork and NOT only having Halal Meat

Recently in Scotland Subway has made a decision to ban all meat and pork from their business and only have Halal meat. We feel that these changes are unfair on people in society who are meat eaters and who do not agree with the way that halal meat is done. The way halal meat is done is they hang the animal upside down alive and then they slit its throat wide open and let the blood run out while the animal suffers.

Please support this petition to show Subway that the decision they have made is seen as a inconsiderate choice towards people in Society and that they should retake this decision back and just halal meat as an another option in there meat section.


  • Adrian Wutzke I believe that allowing Halal Meats as an option is appropriate. I do not agree with banning pork. Many options are needed.

  • Anonymous If we went abroad we would be expected to adapt to their culture so why should we change ours.

  • Paul mckenna This is rediculace and shouldn't be allowed I think the way that the animal is treated in its final hours should be quick and as painless as possible therefor I do not agree the halal way of doing this is acceptable

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