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Judge Paul Sullivan - Stop Stoned GR. YOU have the power to stop the moral destruction of Grand Rapids once repudiated as a family values city. We are a group of Christians in this City taking a moral/legal stand against your sanctioning of violating state and federal drug laws. Decriminalizing marijuana will allow our children to possess any amount of marijuana on school grounds or any where else in this City. Marijuana has been scientifically proven to make the user unmotivated, measurably mentally diminished and unable to attend to fine tasks and skills. It is the motivation behind most major crime. It is tough enough for city youth these days. After the rejuvenation of Grand Rapids in the last few years DO NOT LET THE MARIJUANA DEALERS' ILLEGAL BALLOT PROPOSAL MAKE GRAND RAPIDS THE DRUG HAVEN OF WESTERN MICHIGAN. SIGNED:


  • monolyth bobulum I always thought the love of money was the root of all evil. But no, no, I guess it's a plant that God created in nature. Give me a break!

    Does your billboard really need to pick a fight with abortion and homosexuals if your cause is about marijuana legality, especially if it's through vague, cherry picked interpretations of Revelation, the nuttiest thing to ever come out of the bible?

  • John Robbins THEN GOD SAID,
    GENESIS 1:29-30

  • Neal Bessette First of all o would like to say that your ignorance is astounding. Second of all is to pick your crap apart.firstly Genissis chapter one the fact that your "god" made the plant your saying will lead into sin. Second is the scientific fact that even the most potent straine of marijuana wont cause hallucinations on the level you discribed. What you seemed to have exsperianced is a guilt induced psycological episode cause by slightly diminished mental capacity and an over active imagination. And lastly living in michigan with temps what they are i could do with gorging myself on pizza in the lake of fire. Sounds nice and toasty compaired to the ice walls i live behind now.

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    Timothy, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Marijuana is a tool to seduce god's children. The first time I had a sip of this vile, sweet nectar I had out of body experiences to each level of hell, where I engaged in every sin imaginable whilst gorging myself on Pizza. Stop this from happening to your children's children because as a member of this generation I'm sure you're really thinking ahead on this one.

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