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Omegle needs to step up to people constantly spamming and bombarding the website with self advertising's such as "kik" and ads for other websites. they have already stepped up to online nudity during video chats. now its time for some more improvements 

Its not a classified for people to send and receive nudes. 
 We the people are tired of having to repetitively close chats and start new ones.
I propose a report or flag button of some kind. something that will be looked at and taken into consideration, not just a button to make people think they are on top of things. 
as a result of this maybe a ban on their ip address, or something similar to permanently prevent them from continuing, seeing how there ways around recaptcha.

i thank you all for taking your time to consider my opinion and i hope we can all make a change.



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    Sukaina, Germany

    1 year ago Comments: Real Who Dat you need to check the federal and state trdarmaek laws. Continous constitutes ownership. Dats dat! You sound like a very bitter person. Did you take your medication today? fezlogmtfl aoqvjg
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    Welcome, Netherlands

    1 year ago Comments: Wow! Great thikning! JK tqjtzrla yoygwukgfg
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    Elen, Canada

    1 year ago Comments: Mr. HutchinsAnd yet Mr. Mitchell has responded to me that, here is no moemvent to redefine baptism. Anywhere or in anyway. Whatever I write on this blog is from an Orthodox Christian perspective. The fact that I link to my (woefully neglected) blog and have been posting here for years with regular statements to my Orthodox Christianity should give people everyone some insight into what I mean when I write Christianity . Some faith traditions, such as Unitarian Universalism, have moved so far from Christianity that to call them Christians is an ecumenical act that essentially robs the term Christianity of meaning. Buddhists, for example, who believe that Jesus Christ was a Buddah are not in fact Christians from my point of view.At any rate, my point was not that there are no heretics. My point was that those of us who adhere to Orthodox Christianity or Roman Catholicism or traditional expressions of Christianity if you will believe that baptism is an important sacrament. In a certain real sense more fundamental than even the holy mystery of marriage as not all men are called to be married but all men are called to be baptized. Yet there is ample evidence that baptism is regularly redefined (one need only look up your aforementioned CARM and baptism to see specific evidence) but there is no hue and cry about how men can\'t redefine it.My question is why is marriage more important than baptism and not what is the relationship of baptism to heretical and crypto-Christian organizations?
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