stop same sex marriage in kenner la

help stop same sex marriage we need at less one state that has old time values and that is still god worthy we the people that or anti gay are still trying to teach our children from the bible and values in life we like to know that our voice still matters if the gay community is getting what they wish for then why cant we anti gay community have our voice heard lets stand up and fright for our rights to if the gay community is getting this same sex marriage then what will come next from them some times to far is to far and we need to stop it now before they take god out of our lives and we will not have a voice and will not have a place for our children to feel that this is something they have to become to fit in the world that it is going to become if we do not put a line to what should be and what should be privet for people that do follow there bible we shall not let this go with out a fright if they can puch the we can puch back and fright for our children that will grow up in this new world lets fight for them to have a home that still has values and god in it for there very souls depend on it




  • Proofreading Goes a Long Way Run on sentences should be stopped since they are a disgrace to those who love God and want to talk to their kids about the bible i mean what's next improper use of there their and they're

  • Adolf Hitler If they make us be nice to the gays, they'll be making us be nice to the Jews next. Where will it end?

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