Stop Rustin High School Subdivision

The West Chester Area School District is seeking to sell some of its acreage on the Rustin High School campus to a developer to build 50 houses. The property is located at 1100 Shiloh Road, West Chester PA.

We, the undersigned, oppose the subdivision and ultimate sale and development of the Rustin High School property for the above stated purpose. The density proposed will put up to 4 homes on each acre (houses averaging 3500 to 3800 square feet), when other homes in the area have one acre and in many cases more than an acre. This out of scale development will completely change the character of this neighborhood.

We are in favor of helping to preserve community character and open space and preventing out-of-scale development on Shiloh Road in Westtown.


Westtown Township Citizens Opposing the Subdivision of Rustin High School Property



  • David Crowe Westtown Township, apart from one or two notable private holdings, has next-to-no protected public open space. Sharing land with the high school, the acreage in question creates a large open area that is accessible to residents, makes possible existing nature/recreational trails, allows for native habitat and creates a natural filter to unabated rainwater runoff into the adjacent stream. This is not a private land sale but the selloff of a publicly acquired property and should be halted by Westtown's supervisors.

  • kathy bates This would be a major mistake. The Rustin Campus is a major draw for people who live here and send teir kids to school. The property is used for races, safe places for the sports teams to run, etc. Our kids need to grow upwith open spaces. Farmer jones enhances the neighborhood by farming this land.I move here from DE County because I didn't want to livewhere there were no open spaces. This will detract from what makes this area so special.

  • Anonymous I'm not the NIMBY type, but the proposed density (as I understand it) is way too high for this area.

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    Andy Hopgton, United States

    1 year ago Comments: -
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    Marc Della Porta, United States

    1 year ago Comments: This proposed plan reeks of greed. If the 50 acres were zoned the same as the houses across the street in Plumbly, 1 Acre+ per house. It would be acceptable. But 3-4 houses / acre would DESTROY the fabric of the existing place we tax paying citizens call home. Before the Rustin was built, there was another company that wanted to do the same thing as proposed. We sued them and fought them at every level of the political system in place. They failed. We are very proud of this area. We cannot allow it to be tainted with suburban blight.
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    jerry meyers, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Selling off the land on the campus of Rustin High School to a developer is completely wrong. Open space today is very important to our community and what can be more important to have it attached to educational facility. Besides we no longer need GREED in the home building industry.
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