Stop Quotev from deleting users without warning

Quotev is a small website where users can create stories, quizzes, and polls. Much of Quotev consists of aspiring authors who work very hard on the work they publish.

Recently, users have been deleted without alerting users or giving a valid reason why. This has happened many times and is very frustrating. There have been several attempts to contact Quotev about this issue and Quotev has failed to make any changes. This forces users of Quotev to leave behind the time and effort that they have put forth and prohibits freedom of speech.

Quotev users that are deleted receive no warning. Also, users are falsely accused and then deleted. Some deleted users report that they cannot access the website in general. Therefore, the users of Quotev request that Quotev alert users before they are deleted or give some sort of "strike" system so users are aware. We also request that Quotev bring back the users that have been effected by this.

This petition will be sent to Quotev at the end of the month on January 31st. If you support our effort to abolish the deletion of Quotev users without warning please sign this petition. We thank you for your time.



  • @freckled you never even respond to messages

  • Violet Mae Summers Last year around April Quotev deleted my account after I wrote a journal entry about my struggles with suicidal thoughts and cutting. I was blocked until about my birthday in November.

  • Grace Styles Quotev deleted one of my accounts and I cant use any of my other accounts because of it, I can't make a new account They wont tell me what I did wrong I have been messaging them all morning.

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