Stop Prison Abuse

It is a common belief that the U.S. prison system has standards in place which protect prisoners against abuse. The current system (the Administrative Grievance Procedure) by which prisoners file complaints against prison officials does not safeguard them from abuse and rights violations. This system utterly fails to protect inmates from abuse.

It is a common belief that health care to prisoners is also monitored and that standards are upheld. But health care to prisoners is poor, inadequate, and hurtful to both prisoners and the general public.

A thorough and independent investigation into the Federal Bureau of Prisons would find: the use of excessive force and physical punishment, lack of adequate medical and mental health care, and lack of both education and rehabilitation programs. It is a self-policed system rife with corruption, and one that is hostile toward the well being of prisoners.

People can make terrible mistakes in their lives — some with tragic, irredeemable costs. They are incarcerated in prison as punishment, not to be punished. Former New York Times columnist, Bob Herbert wrote: “Very few Americans have raised their voices in opposition to our shameful prison policies. And I’m convinced that’s primarily because the inmates are viewed as less than human.”

Help change this mind set. Demand an end to the abuse and neglect of those incarcerated in U.S. federal and state prisons. Demand that they be treated humanely.

Please sign this petition, urging Congress to exercise its authority to investigate the abuse and neglect (physical, psychological, and medical) of federal prisoners — investigations which will in turn bring scrutiny and change to state-run prisons.

We, the undersigned, urge our representatives in Congress to launch an intense and thorough investigation into the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There are over 200,000 incarcerated within this system which operates void of public scrutiny. We care about those now incarcerated who will one day be released and will need to readjust and contribute to our communities.


Rosalind Burbank Joseph,


Contact for information.


  • Peter Tysdal The nightmarish situation in our jails and prisons is enough to keep one up at night. If we only knew the suffering that exists for our friends and family and fellow man we would make a change, put an end to a system that dehumanizes and traumatized men and woman who may or may not have made a mistake, usually based on necessity in a society that blames individuals for an oppressive environment that they are usually born into. It simply must stop. It must.


  • Monique To the officers these people are inmates, to there families they are loved ones!!!! and my tax dollars gives them a paycheck! Nobody deserves to be treated like an animal!!! instead of being lazy on the job Do your job and help those in need!!! these officers need to be evaluated they have issues too.

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    Rosalyn Thomas, United States

    5 days ago Comments: I have a cousin (Micheal Massey) in federal prison who is being mistreated by the prison warden, prison officers and prison doctor. He has serious medical issues which are not being addressed and now they have gone as far to take away his clothes and bed linens and given him paper clothes and paper sheets. He will be getting out soon but it seems that they are attempting to try to break him so that he either commits suicide or has an accidental death. It saddens me to know that he is being mistreated in such a way and that the prison allows it and encourages the mistreatment of inmates. My family has tried calling prison as well as contacted the us attorney and whomever else we were told to contact and still no results. I understand that prisons are viewed as a business(profitable). But that does not mean that prisoners as to be considered less than human. I pray that he makes it out of the prison alive.
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