Stop Plan to Kill Australian Sharks

Stop Plan to Kill Australian Sharks

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A Western Australia plan to kill Great White Sharks on sight is sparking major opposition worldwide. In the wake of a record number of attacks this year, and reversing a previous position, the leader of a state on Australia's west coast announced plans to kill any great white sharks seen near beachgoers to allegedly prevent attacks on humans.

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnettused this rationale tosupport this shark-killing plan. Previously, sharks could only be hunted if there had already been an attack on a swimmer recognizing the ocean as the sharks' domain.But with five deaths this year, he reversed his position with this shark killing plan.

The new strategy, which includes more watercraft and helicopter patrols, has sparked opposition, including The Conservation Council of Western Australia, which called it a "guilty until proven innocent" approach.

In addiition, University of Florida's International Shark Attack File officials called Australia's shark killing plan a most reactionary and archaic response. Such methods are contrary to modern scientific thinking and there is no evidence that sharks have become more aggressive toward humans. Scientists know general shark migratory patterns which can be used to better warn beachgoers and close beaches if needed. Great white sharks have been a protected species in Australian waters for more than a decade and this shark-killing plan may threaten them now.

Please Sign this Petition and Ask Australia Premier Colin Barnett to coexist peacefully withthese sharks and respect their rights to live in their ocean home.


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  • Gareth Mass killing won't help anything, stop this cull!


  • Sophia Wells Dear Mr. Barnett,

    You may be surprised by the level of hostility directed at you for your shark cull policy. It is not just the Greenies wanting to save everything from the evil humans that has caused this uproar. It is because the general public expect our leaders to make rational decisions and not react with a knee jerk to hysteria generated by the media. If death or injury from sharks was frequent occurance we might have more sympathy. If your policy had scientific proof that it would save lives we might have more sympathy. In both cases, however, the facts are against you. This policy will not help tourism. It will hinder it with all the bad publicity. It will not make our beaches safer. All it has done is exacerbate irrational fears and needlessly destroy marine life at the tax payers expensive. It is the shear stupidity of this policy that is causing you so much hostility. I and many others who would not normally support the radical left are outraged at your shear incompitance on this issue.

    You may think that backing down now will hurt you politically. Let me assure you the consequences of not backing down are much worse. You are committing political suicide.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Sophia Wells

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