The Nightmare Ticket: Stop Clintons' Blackmail

The much talked about Dream Ticket of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is bad for Mr. Obama's candidacy, the Democratic Party, and for America. Mrs. Clinton's decision to stay in the race despite the fact that she has no reasonable chance at the nomination anymore, her continuing attacks on Mr.Obama, her arguments that create a racial rift, and her campaigning for a disastrous credentials fight at the convention, only make sense if they are the first stages of a plan to blackmail Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party into accepting her as the vice-presidential nominee. This idea, currently marketed with the name Dream Ticket, is pursued by making the penalty for not accepting Mrs. Clinton on the ticket much higher than the obvious downside for Mr. Obama of including her. Simply put, the Clintons are effectively presenting Mr. Obama with a choice: either agree to sacrifice his credibility with his base of supporters, and undermine his central message of change, by nominating Mrs. Clinton to the vice-presidency, or refuse, and watch the Clintons tear up the party and ensure victory for Mr. McCain and the Republicans. If you are against this Nightmare Ticket please sign this petition and please make your own reasons known in the comments. My reason, as a Bosnian American, is that I am very familiar with the Clintons' willingness to cross all moral bounds in the interest of winning elections. My original homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was sacrificed at the altar of Bill Clinton's second term. Mr. Clinton fulfilled his promise of bringing peace to Bosnia -- by giving war criminals like Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Ratko Mladic legalization of their project, an entity named The Republic of the Serbs on territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina that were ethnically cleansed through genocide. It is easy to make peace by giving military dictators and war criminals what they want, but it is not a moral way to win elections. I have supported Mr. Obama, and wish to do so in the future, but I would vote against him if he was part of the nightmare ticket with Hillary Clinton. Muhamed Borogovac, Ph. D. NCR BH 617-363-9834


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