Stop Mandatory PS Plus Subscriptions for PS4

For the past seven years, we as PS3 owners have enjoyed free online multiplayer. It was one of the many virtues that set Playstation apart from XBOX. It saved us money we could turn around and use on controllers, new games, and system repairs. Recently Sony has announced that it will charge a monthly fee to play online. This came as a shock and disappointment to Playstation owners. We thought Sony always did what was best for gamers. Forcing another expense onto online gamers is certainly not what is best for us. Not allowing us to access our games 100% without a subscription is definitely not what is best for us. Our games are being held hostage with PS Plus being the ransom. We do not deny that PS Plus is a wonderful and ground breaking service, but many of us cannot afford or simply do not want the service. Forcing us to purchase a service to play online is wrong and we want the decision reversed. We as long time Sony fans and Playstation owners are well aware of the greatness Sony can create and with the exclusion of mandatory PS Plus subscriptions, it would make the PS4 even greater.


I WILL NOT be monitoring this petition anymore as another petition has far surpassed my amount of signatures and my effort will go into promoting and garnering support for THAT petition. I urge all of the signatures on this petition to PLEASE GO SIGN THE OTHER PETITION. Remember to tweet @yosp, @jpkoller, @luckylongworth, @rohdescott, @amboyes, @shahidkamal, @nikoro, and @philrosenberg with #PS4FreeOnline


  • Christopher Heath Because the games are shit that are free and the servers are always down

  • Jose Rodriguez Paying for PS+ sounds like an absurd idea being the fact that recently PSN has been getting hacked into for a good while now. For example, thousands of people probably have gotten a PS4 for christmas yesterday and now nobody can play online because it has apparently been hacked into and/or they do not have the money to pay for online. People bought the playstation 3 due to the obvious fact of it being more convenient financially instead of breaking the bank on a mandatory PS+ on top of all the other expenses of accessories or life in general. If everyone had the money for the subscription of PS+ then they would have already had subscriptions before the PS4 even came out. Also, Xbox Live went down on christmas just PSN did, the difference is that when people pay for Xbox Live they get to play Xbox Live. PSN and Xbox Live are now both payed for, they both got hacked by the same people, the cost of both is pretty similar, but Xbox Live was down for a couple of hours and was brought back up and PSN however, is still down. The point I am trying to make here is that if you want to make people pay for online then go ahead and do it but the catch to that is that people must get what they pay for and if you can't deliver a pay to play experience that you are trying to deliver then give us a free experience. If I pay for online, that online better be bomb proof.

  • Anonymous We deserve free usage of going online for games and should get deals not by paying a ridiculous £40 a month!

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    3 weeks ago Comments: Because the games are shit that are free and the servers are always down
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