Stop Hidden Valley Special Use Permit Renewal of Tract K-3 Expansion

Bernalillo County Zoning has deemed Hidden Valley Kampground in violation and non-compliance of their 1976 Special Use Permit. Their expansion into Tract K-3 without Zoning approval put them in this position by expanding their RV lots from an approved number of 57 to what they currently have, 108. Hidden Valley’s representation is attempting to make it seem like they are simply complying with the request of the Zoning Board to provide a new site map, when in fact they knowingly increased RV sites without approval. Hidden Valley BUILT FIRST and stole the  neighborhoods’ opportunity and right to voice an opinion on any expansion to the Special Use Permit.

The K-3 addition under the current 1976 Special Use Permit does not have the right to exist!!

We, the undersigned, are concerned Tablazon Residents who urge the Bernalillo County Zoning Board to act now by not renewing the Special Use Permit with the K-3 expansion. In addition, we ask that Hidden Valley ownership be held accountable for blatant zoning violations, including expansion without proper zoning approval. 

At minimum, we request that the issue be postponed for further community review.



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    2 years ago Comments: Mike:I'm sure he's feeling the hurt now. Wasn't he the one who floaetd the idea of suing the city to the ANA?He should have known better than to deal with the devil just because Lincoln came in right before the VMU deadline. He should have let that one go and closed ranks against the bad neighborhood characters, seeing the threat for what it was.Instead, because of him and Jenny K, the unruly natives have been emboldened, and neighborhoods are in a general revolt everywhere. First ANA, then against Concordia project, and now Crestview is trying to all-but-dismantle the station project.Remember how you were unimpressed with Crestview not putting up a fight against the Station TOD? Well, that's all changed, largely due to the Northcross issue firing everybody up.In their latest neighborhood circular, the Crestview NA steering committee has become aggressive against the city on all sorts of issues. They're working with ANA and Brentwood to exempt large swaths of land along Burnet from VMU, they're making demands for park land and isolated traffic development near the Station TOD, and they've strongly recommended to the city a two, maybe three story MAX ceiling limit on the buildings at the Station TOD.I guess Brewster couldn't have predicted that he would need to sacrifice his VMU and high density vision at the altar of bad neighborhoods when he began currying their favor.Oh wait. He should have.
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