Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "

Islington College London and leeds

Assalaam/Hi/Namasde there, 

Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "

I would like some support from you all as I feel I am not being heard and feel I am a victim of harassment from Islington collage. We are trying to launch an online petition against the bad management of Islington College Leeds campus.

I would like to share with you the problems I have faced when taking up a college course at this college and would like some feedback/ experience from you re your interaction with this college as I feel I am not the only person who has been victimised    

I am a over seas student from Pakistan. I am a well educated individual and felt I would benefit from visiting the UK to gain valuable education and knowledge. My intentions are to go back to my home country and gain a respectable job to benefit my family and my local community.    

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

I applied to the collage and spoke to the admission officer Mr Mujeeb. Mr Mujeeb informed me that there are places available for level 5 for Business and Leader ship diploma. He also informed me that the fee for the course is £2000 (this included the course fee also the awarding body fee).
Mr Mujeeb informed me i have to pay £1200 in advance so that a place can be allocated to me. He also stated once the money has been accepted my CAS be issued.

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

I agreed to this and I paid the fee £1200 and I was issued my CAS (I sent the CAS to UKBA for my student visa extension.) I asked Mr Mujbeeb to inform me of the course start date and asked for course details to be sent to me so I  can organised myself  for my first day at the college. Mr Mujeeb assured me information would be sent to me via email/ post 

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

I didn’t get any email or letter or phone even though I was constantly in contact with the college asking when my course was starting. I was told by Mr Mujeeb he will contact me when my course starts.

I received a phone call from Islington College on February 12th 2013 and asked me to come to college that day I informed the admin team i had  already pro booked my Theory Test at Bradford , I told them that I can visit the college straight after i finish the theory Test which will be around 4pm.  The admin team stated I do not need to attend the college that day and for me to attend the next day 13th February 2013 which I did. 

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

I attended the collage on 13th February 2013 i was told that the UKBA team wanted to see me. I met a woman called Martina. Martina asked me why i did not attend the college yesterday on 12 Feb 2013. I informed her of the phone call from college yesterday 12th February 2013 and informed her of my conversation. (I had pre booking my theory test and was unable to attend the college but would attend straight after but was told I do not need to attend. I was told to attend today 13h February 2013) She went on to ask me what my intensions are when I finish my studies. I informed her I would go back to my home country and put my education and knowledge gained from my course to good use. 
Through out this meeting I felt degraded /humiliated and felt i was not given respect as I was kept asked questions about my intension of coming to this country. 
The outcome of the meeting was that I was required to visit Mr Imran (who is the Partner or Owner of college) he will sort every thing out and stated I was asked to attend college the next day. 

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

On 14th of February 2012 I attended college and was approached by Mr Mujeeb who stated he needed to speak to me re my college fees. Mr Mujeeb stated I need to pay £200 awarding body fee and £200 for Asim (College agent). I told him that i was not told about this commission, but he insisted I needed to pay. I felt intimidated/ bullied and felt Mr Mujeeb was putting unnecessary pressure on me. I told Mr Mujeeb I needed time to think and I will come back to him.

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

On my next meeting with Mr Mujeeb and Imran i agreed to pay £200 awarding body fee (as it was mentioned on my student agreement although i was told that £2000 includes every thing by Mr Mujeeb in the first meeting i  originally had with Mr Mujeeb). I told Mr Mujeeb i will pay online, which i paid then on 26th Feb,

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

I was not contacted by the college after I had paid the awarding body fee. I was not informed about when my classes were stating so  I attended college to gain this information I asked Mr Mujeeb that i have paid  £200 awarding body fee, now please issue me ID card and any other documents ie course syllabus . Mr Mujeeb stated says that my CAS has been with drawn and why I had paid the awarding body fee. I was shocked that this was done. I asked for an explanation/ written confirmation why my CAS was withdrawn, he told me that he emailed the reason to Asim (college agent) I don’t know why they would send my information to Asim as I was asking for the information). I was asked to leave the college. No documentation was sent to me or by Asim regarding the reasoning behind my withdrawal of CAS.. 

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***

I feel I have been treated like I was not a human being and was only a name on a paper. I feel humiliated and degraded. My self esteem has been affected and feel the college has not supported me in any way.  They have been harassing and treating me in a really bad manner, When ever i tried to talk to Imran or Mr Mujeeb regarding the withdrawal of CAS  I was made to wait for Mr Imran for hours and hours. 

Justice is every bod's right.

I am filing a case against Islington College Leeds, 

I am aware that there are some other students facing the same problem and would like to ask for them to come forward to support me with my partition. I do not want anyone to go through the humiliation/ no self worth/ and feeling depressed as a result of what Islington college is doing to over sea students. I feel I was targeted as I did not say much to Mr Mujeeb and Imran when they were harassing me regarding money.  I won’t suggest this College to anybody as they rip off money and still don't let you live.

If your think you have been also the victim of this harassment please sign this appeal, so that we can gather some head and raise our voice for justice.

Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "


ex student Islington college Leeds campus

****Islington College London and Leeds "Stop harassing innocent student "***



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