Stop Exposed Breasts, Buttocks and Sagging Pants in America

According to the Traditional ValuesCoilition, sex crimes have increased 500% since 1960. Currently, every 2 minutes in America, a sex crime is being committed. Women account for 97% of these crimes being committed against them. What is the difference between 1960 and 2013? Pornography addiction and its accessability. It is rampant due to the increase of technology that allows its users to view in the privacy of their homes with the click of their computer button. Pornography is a spiritual "crack" destroying multitudes privately.

How can we make an attempt to help them recover and protect innocent women and children from becoming potential sex crime victims? We must reconsider the law concerning 'indecent exposure' of sexual body parts.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing that can EVER justify a man sexually assaulting a woman for any reason whatsoever, but the fact is they are in record numbers.Why? Sexually adorned women areat church, in schools, daycare facilities and the like. And thus, how can we not clearly see a direct correlation between the onslaught of pornographic imagery in the nation and sex crimes?

Sexual attire is HAZARDOUS to the emotional, spiritual and psychological health of the COMMONWEALTH of our Nation in the 21st Century.

We are asking for your help to petition the U.S.Congressto modify the indecent exposure laws that willprohibit women from henceforth exposing their bare breast cleavage in "GENERALPUBLIC" places, i.e., churches, schools, recreational facilities, daycare centers, sports events, public service centers - libraries, grocery stores, anywhere children are present. This amendment will alsoCOMPLETELY PROHIBITmen from exposing their underwear and buttocks (sagging pants) in like manner, and women from wearing ANY garment that exposes their bare buttock cheeks and extremely tight pants and skirtsthat is deemed excessive and inappropriate, i.e. tight leggings.


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  • john thames I have the perfect remedy.


    “Hormonal harassment is the tort of giving men unwanted erections or creating a hostile, testicular distress inducing environment by indecently exposing breasts or buttocks or by wearing clothing calling attention to breasts or buttocks, however slight. Hormonal harassment shall include micro-mini-skirts, see through bras, tight pants, bare midriffs, thong bikinis, exposed nipples, tank tops, buttock cleavage, breast cleavage or any other style of dress designed to elicit male sexual interest.

    Hormonal harassment shall be defined exclusively from the male point of view. No argument that hormonal harassment is merely “being sexy” shall be tolerated. Hormonal harassment is defined from the standpoint of a “reasonable man” living in the nineteenth century where hoop skirts are mandatory and a bare ankle is a shocking sight. Neither shall it be a valid legal defense for a lewd and lascivious female to pretend that she had no idea she was bothering anyone. She will be required to understand that men’s eyes need to be protected from erectile discomfort generated by her obscene behavior.

    Hormonal harassment shall also include any verbal assault on men, including offensive and genocidal terms like “male chauvinist pig” and “S.C.U.M.” (Society for Cutting Up Men), or any suggestion, express or implied, that men are the source of all evil. Such forms of verbal hormonal harassment shall be classified as “hate speech” and not protected by the First Amendment.

    Any man subjected to such hormonal harassment shall be entitled to $10,000 per offense. No jurist shall be allowed to overturn or modify the statute as one-sided or unreasonable as it is no more unreasonable and one-sided than sexual harassment. Any judge who violates this provision shall be liable to immediate removal by executive degree and summary execution under the National Defense Authorization Act.”

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