Stop Calling Criminals Islamists

The BBC continues to call criminals everywhere as Islamists.. a criminal is a criminal and could be from any religion. His deeds do not mean that the religion he follows has anything to do with his act. You cannot malign nor cause for others to blame any religion just because a criminal belongs to it and convolutes his twisted belief in to and act of that religion..



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    Salman, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: BBC... pls grow up!
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    RAJA, Pakistan

    2 years ago Comments: Call a spade a spade, terrorist is a terrorist! No need to go into his religion every time you say terrorist/criminal. What if the person is a Christian or Jew or what not, you never describe them with this kind of description then why Islamist. Do you have a persons religion printed on his passport in the UK or USA and many other countries. I hope you get the point! Islamist isn't even a real word, its not in any dictionary, its made up by the media and only used there. Media must desist and discontinue using this descriptive word or any other to describe or point to a certain religion immediately. Thanks
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    Rashid Jafry, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: Nothing will change.
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