Stop Bullying Neighbors from Stalking Neighbors & Give A Homeless Person Something to Appreciate

This is a Petition to stop Bullies from Stalking their neighbors & driving them out of their homes in order to give themselves self satisfaction over A) their political stance B)their religious stance or C) their support for the Catholic Church & the NSW Police Force's push for political persecution.
Over the past 10 years, I have seen the push within Department of Housing, under the Department of Family & Community Services, FaCS, force people from their Flats by Gangs of drug & alcohol abusers & persons who are being protected by the police to promote political persecution for the sake of covering their past criminal conduct & the refusal of the courts & the law. People are being refused the correct process to the courts & are being prosecuted by accusation without any evidence. In my case, I have well over six months of Web Cam evidence which the Police refuse to accept & present to a Magistrate & the Department of FaCS are refusing to 'Believe'. This evidence which has the full sound recordings of the behavior of the next door stalkers, Paul Anderson & his Girlfriend, with my natural response & the fact that I have a Personal Violence Order aginst these two in question.
I ask the people to support a homeless person get a chance for something they can appreciate & neighbors they can support instead of abuse. Give the druggies & alcohol abusers the boot.

Thank you, Matt Meurer


  • Michelle griffiths Stop everything make it right for everyone

  • Michelle Griffiths Stop all abuse and bullying

  • sherrin caird ive been through simular myself, told by police that they were powerless by law to do anything but let the violence and attacks happen. These neighbourhood thugs know they can do wrong too easily, no effective deterents.

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