Stop Breed Specific Legislation In West Fork

There is word that West Fork Arkansas is looking to put a ban on American Pit bull terriers and American Bulldogs in the city. This petition is to fight against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Breed Specific Legislation Laws are being made each day that are intended to take away our rights to own particular dogs for no reason other than their breed. These fears are mostly instilled by media, and that fear is passed on to the public. There is no such thing as a vicious breed of dog and a dog's appearance has nothing to do with his actions or behavior. Any dog can bite just as you and I have the capacity to use our fists if we are angry enough to fight. Breed-specific legislation is discriminating and wrong on so many levels! It is the same as banning an individual human ethnicity if a certain race was seen in the media as a threat to society! It’s absurd! We need to problem solve not just start banning breeds or races! BSL does not address the root cause of the problem and that cause is irresponsible dog owners’. Effective laws need to be produced that protect responsible dog owners’ rights and hold irresponsible owners accountable for their animal’s actions. If we had a child that got into a fight and shot someone, should we be banned from having children, or should that certain race be banned? No. So owning a particular breed from list should not be any different. The reality is that any dog regardless of their breed has the capability to display such undesirable tendencies, if raised carelessly. Pit bulls and over 70 other breeds have been effectively stigmatized and are now under steady analysis, resulting in a cruel climate of fear and lack of education. What can we do? Educate. We need to stop BSL and educate the public. We have the responsibility to spread the word about responsible dog ownership and be aware of what the result could be, if we don’t take a stand. Take accountability for the impact we as humans have on the outcomes of animal’s lives. Our animals become more than our pets. These dogs are someone’s best friend!. Please help us, so many have already lost their family members due to BSL.


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