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Bestgore, a website that posts rape, murder, abuse, ect. A website that should be stopped and shut down for good. I know I am not the only one when I say that this website should not be legal. I am starting an online petition to try to stop the website because,

1. If murder, rape, abuse, sexual assult and torture are illegal than why isn't it illegal to post it.

2. Even though it has a warning that the videos shouldn't be veiwed by people who are under 18 it doesn't stop a child or a teenager from accessing them.

3. Even though it is not illegal to be a bystander in some places you can get in trouble for not helping someone when they need help (like filming a rape, murder or sexual abuse) here are a few examples:

- Quebec operates a civil law system, based in part on the Napoleonic Code, and the principle of duty to rescue does apply.[34] Similarly, in France anyone who fails to render assistance to a person in danger will be found liable before French Courts (civil and criminal liability). The penalty for this offence in criminal courts is imprisonment and a fine (under article 223–6 of the Criminal Code)

- California has a law that makes it a misdemeanor for anyone not to report a witnessed crime against a child under 14

4. Watching violent videos makes us act in a violent manner,

eg: a lot of the most famous murders or criminals become violent because of their childhood or past that is a fact. They have either been the victim of physical, emotional abuse or have witnessed it. 15 million people view this website, i'm not saying that 15 million people are going to become murders or criminals but they do have a much higher chance of becoming violent if they watch this and if they do enjoy watching this they proably already are violent.

5. Last but not least, people who watch the videos on this site are doing it for entertainment, we are teaching our new society that rape, murder and abuse are a joking matter and that it's okay for it to happen and be filmed like it is.
Do we really want our children growing up in a world thinking it's okay to to watch and commit violent crimes like these?



  • Anonymous horrible horrible site - free speech allows these people to post this vile material, but also allows people like us to tell them how horrible it all is.

  • Mick shut down best gore for ever

  • Anonymous first introduced from luka magnotta video so sad it is still out there thanks to mark making it available, then you read comments and all these necropheliacs are coming out of the wood work, then I heard about mark on amanda todd and lost all respect for his harsh judgements and the people who joined in on that it is not a good site,and though some claim they are not like that but enjoy it it makes you wonder how many are like that and only find inspiration to feed the gore lovers, that is why they make horror movies, but to see so many people enjoy watching brutal beheadings and all is really sad. and there is many fans and people who love it which makes me wonder if we are being invaded by aliens because I feel out of place because i do not find pleasure in other peoples pain, we know it happens but to watch endless deaths and accidents has to have a negative affect man i am scared this is not the only site either

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