Stop Animal Testing Now!

Thousands of animals are being tested on everyday for new cures, cosmetics, and research. However, while this may seem good to find new cures, etc. the animals are being harmed and killed. Instead of testing on humans, testing on animals seems like a good solution, but the animals results are not always the same towards humans. The reaction of animals towards a new cure are not always the same towards humans because animals have different bodies and different systems then humans their reaction are completely different. Ever since animals were used to find new cures the rate of sicknesses humans encountered has risen not fallen. Instead of getting results from animals we can get more accurate results from a new product scientist have created "artificial skin". This skin is made up of real human skin cells and it will give accurate results. Instead of harming animals we can save millions of them and give them better care, better homes, and we can give them the love they deserve. We can take these animals that were tested on and make them into pets for people that really need them, or deserve them. Recently Dr. Adjanie Patabendige won a award for his new product. A 3-D model of the blood-brain-barrier. That barrier separates the blood from going to the brain. When people develop diseases such as Japanese Encephalitis virus (JEV) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) it weakens the barrier and allows blood to enter the brain. When that happens your head will swell up and you will receive a lot of headaches. Scientist try to use animals to figure out a cure for those diseases. But there is s more accurate and efficient way and that is using the 3-D model Dr. Patabendige created. It is the same as using animals but one of them does not involve killing a living animal.



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